Alright Guys

I’m doing the ATL thingy and who ever clicks my link and messages me done with their link will get spammed.

I’ll also do a text post with a bunch of people on it for 983 followers to see. 

Im literally lmao right now at this twelve year old dumbass. Ignore the haters, beautiful. You don't deserve it. And she needs to learn how to fucking spell. -.-

Aha thank you <3

Hey there, sorry for the random message, but will you take a second to check out DESIGN THE SKYLINE signed to Victory Records? They are my favorite band, and the members are soo nice. I really think you'll like them! I have a link to their Facebook page on my Tumblr, please go and check them out and give them a LIKE! <3

Of course :)

I freaking love one direction and I respect most things they do, but the fanbase for them is the reason I keep to myself about liking them. I don't want to be called 'that directioner' they made a terrible name for us and as for other bands I freaking love PTV. And all the others and the problem is just people comparing bands rather than just listening. If they aren't even in the same genre or it's a genre you don't particularly like, then you have no reason to judge the other band. Makes you l

`No reason to judge the band`yes I do. They don`t do shit to control their fans. They sit there and allow them to bash others. ANY OTHER BAND that has a fanbase that tells people to kill themselves steps in, but no, one direction does shit all to stop them. It was a simple joke, calm your tits.

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If anyone is butthurt, it's you.

What the hell are you talking about, it was simply a joke. You guys messaged me saying to kill myself, saying how pathetic I am for stating my opinion. Fucking directioners found my twitter and told me to kill myself. Wanna know something funny, I actually tried to, hence why I am now responding to these fucking messages. I was hospitalized. It was a joke. Your fanbase seems to be the only fucking one who can`t take one without crying like little babies.Oh and there was one point where I was a one direction fan, but I stopped listening to them due to shitheads like you. Have a nice day and get the fuck out of my inbox.